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We didn’t set out to design the best
UltraPure Water sealing system . . . . . . but we did.


Flanged joints notoriously have been the weakest link in any piping system. This is especially true, and critical, in ultra-pure water (UPW) systems used in today’s precision manufacturing of semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and bio-technology products.

Some gaskets are “right on size” before installation, but protrude into the stream flow after bolt-up (elastomeric materials). This causes turbulence and dead spots which may provide an area for bacteria to grow, contaminating your water system, and possibly your finished product. Do you know whether the gasket you are currently using protrudes into the stream flow, and may be causing some of your purity problems?

A gasket which is widely used in UPW applications is dark green when installed, but becomes lavender over time. Did you ever wonder where in your UPW system the “coloring” finally ended up, and if this might be causing purity problems?

Other flange rings concentrate clamping force on the outside of the flange face, rather than on the I.D. of the pipe. This results in a great seal on the outside of the flange face, but reduced compression at the most critical point – the I.D. of the pipe. While there may be no externally-visible signs of leakage, this may create an internal breeding ground along side of the gasket for costly contaminants. Did you know that the combination of certain widely used flange rings and PTFE over EPDM gaskets may allow the medium to come in contact with the EPDM substrate?

Properly installed flange rings are bolted-up in a “star” pattern. Some piping and valve manufactures suggest maximum torqueing for each pipe size and also recommend a 4-pass bolt-up. Using a torque wrench.

buynow12KC Sealing System


For plastic piping (full-face and ring).
For Schedule 10 piping.
For Old and New ANSI.
Other materials available include:

Backing Rings:

“D” style for hanging pipe.

Installation Tools:

Alignment aids.

Read on to learn how KC’s Sealing System can help you maintain the integrity of your critical piping system. The KC Sealing System consists of an innovative patented low-torque gasket, engineered flange rings.

 We would be happy to discuss your sealing issues and problems, and how we can help you resolve them. Let us explain to you why today’s leading-edge UPW systems have KC Multi-Ring Products inside and outside.